Pitching Jonah….

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Pitching is not something that comes easily to me – and I rather suspect I’m not alone… It’s been a while since I’ve blogged on my own behalf rather than Writers’ Cafe, but today I want to say a little … Continued

Crimes, chases, and a whole lorra laughs – Author Derek Thompson talks to Penzance Writers’ Cafe

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February’s guest at Writers’ Café was Derek Thompson (not to be confused with local MP Derek Thomas, especially as they are at oppsoite ends of the political spectrum!). “Our Derek”, as we should perhaps refer to him henceforth, is the … Continued

Patrick Gale comes to Penzance Writers’ Cafe

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On February 1st the Longboat’s back room was packed with members, long-standing and new. They variously enjoyed beer, coffee, and even a pickled egg – but most of all, every one of them enjoyed listening to Patrick Gale and having … Continued

Rosie Morgan – Writers Cafe Guest by Linda Camidge

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  On 7th December 2016, teen fiction author Rosie Morgan served us a mix of readings, tips and writerly stimulation, in the form of lighted shells and a top hat in a box.   Rosie Morgan is a successful author of … Continued

Writing Workshop: Let the Postcards Speak – by Linda Camidge

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On November 9th members were offered a substitute for a much-requested session on poetry delivered by a poet. What did members enjoy instead? A not-requested-at-all creative writing session on postcards, delivered by someone who likes postcards.   The members turned … Continued