Sennen beach, west of Penzance

I have not always lived in Cornwall but I always intended to end up here, although maybe not quite so far west…

Penzance is a fantastic place with sub-tropical gardens, art galleries, some lovely architecture and a serious dollop of quirkiness – oh, and it is right at the end of the railway line so you can fall asleep in your seat without any fear of missing your stop.

Myself and my husband (and our four cats) actually live beyond Penzance…in the ‘badlands’ as someone said when we first moved down here; other comments have included, ‘Ah yes, I hear they still eat their firstborn out there…’ which is to malign our village. It is more accurate to say it is one of the last remaining enclaves of ‘real’ Cornwall.

This is the ‘Tin Coast’; a mining heritage site; and don’t even mention Poldark….