Teresa’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Let me be frank, I’ve never watched Maria Kondo’s programme, but I have caught the odd snippet and various comments on social media. She launched into my personal orbit when she stated that one should only own 30 books. The … Continued

Not so much the Curiosities, more the Cabinet…

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Ok, not ‘cabinet’ but desk – but colour also and maybe that is a curiosity! I have never really warmed to the notion of scandi-chic. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a mooch around Ikea as much as the next … Continued

MAINSTREAM OR INDIE – the pros and cons

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  They don’t print novels this way any more…. I finished my last article, Mainstream or Indi – which way would you go, with a couple of questions: Question one asked whether you thought it true that mainstream published authors received 30% royalties. Well sadly the answer … Continued