colour fragments to represent colourful fragments of writing


Penzance Writers’ Cafe was founded by myself and Bill Goodyear in 2013. These days, Linda Camidge has joined us and does a great job of organising speakers and generally being the heart and soul of the group.


Over the years we have had a goodly number of guest speakers and we always explain that our members enjoy some hands-on writing. 


After each guest session I generally file away my personal writing efforts – that done, I’m afraid they never again see the light of day.


So, what do do?


Well, now I have my lovely shiny new website, I thought I’d pop them on here and will be publishing new offerings over the next few weeks.


They are not polished and some certainly have an unfinished air about them. There are one or two I feel could evolve into something more…


From memory, the guest who have inspired these fragments are: Jane Pugh, Bob Devereaux and Angela Stoner. There are one or two where I have no recollection of the exercise that birthed them so if any bells ring out there, do please message me.


Finally…I would love to so do feel free to leave comments 🙂

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