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LOOKING FOR JONAH – Family is love, not blood. Four-year-old Magnus vanishes on a hot summer’s day and returns on Christmas Eve.  No one knows where he has been and Magnus cannot tell them.  He comes home changed. To his mother he is not the boy she lost, he is someone else, a changeling child. Looking for Jonah is about family, about friendship and loss and the divided loyalties of three women caught in a web of betrayal and envy, with Magnus the musical maverick at their heart.


QUEEN’S DAUGHTER – What if Christianity had never taken root in Britain? How different our world would be – different beliefs, different allegiances… Queen’s Daughter, the first volume of the Crowshensa Series, is a retelling of Arthurian myth that will re-imagine the entire history of the British Isles

Queen’s Daughter

King’s Sister

Forever Queen


Previously Published by Random House

Still waters run deep and beauty hides the darkness within….

‘The portrait of someone torn between sado-masochism and normal love is intriguing, the denouement surprisingly life-enhancing’ (Sunday Times)

 A RATIONAL MAN – “A beguiling novel of love and infidelity: a confident debut” (Anita Brookner)


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Rational Man jacket2