I am a writer and for me, words are like sweeties. They have colour, shape, flavour, and they can turn a dull day bright.


If words are sweeties, then stories are a meal. The oral form offers a satisfactory snack, but a novel is a fabulous four-course meal…


My entire life has been about story. Sitting on my dad’s lap while he read Winnie the Pooh and Alice through the Looking Glass; a record of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid told to the strains of Grieg’s Piano Concerto. I spent hours lying on the floor, my ear pressed to the brass grid of our radiogramme, listening to it again and again. To this day, I never hear Grieg without the accompanying voice of the witch of the sea: ‘Tell me, Little Mermaid, is the country where men live a beautiful one…?


So those were the stories ‘on the outside’ but I also had a constant internal narrative. It wasn’t always the same one, I had different stories for different days, stories for day time and stories for night time, but it was never quiet inside my head.


I was eleven when my dad gave me an old-fashioned, sit-up-and-beg typewriter and I sat down to write my first novel. It ran to three pages of close typing. I was scornful of ‘real’ novels, what was the need for all those extra pages?!


In my late teens I was introduced to folk music and loved it. It wasn’t cool back then (not that cool now) but I didn’t care: the songs were jam-packed with story and the joy they brought has never faded. Even now I attend and sing at the local folk clubs. Not surprisingly, one of the novels I’m currently working on (Looking for Jonah) features a Seventies folk rock band, as well as a missing child.


The folk songs reinforced my interest in history and that has also stayed with me. My second work in progress is Queen’s Daughter, an alternative history of Britain developed from an oral storytelling project and based, very loosely, on the character of Morgan le Faye or, as she is known in Queen’s Daughter, Muirghein merc’h Igerne


So that’s me. I hope you enjoy travelling round my site. You will find extracts from my novels to whet your appetite as well as my blog and some information about where I live – the wonderful far west of Cornwall.


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