Arrogance and the Art of Prevarication

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As some of you know, I am in the process of publishing my second novel, The Arrogance of Women, on Kindle. I say ‘publishing’ which makes it sound as though it’ll be up there tomorrow, but alas it is more … Continued

God’s To-Do List

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I’m a sucker for books, books full of delicious words. I particularly enjoy secondhand bookshops of which we have plenty in Penzance – well, charity shops, at any rate. Today’s haul included Jenny Uglow’s A Little History of British Gardening. … Continued

Pimms – making maths sexy

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  All I wanted was to learn how to use WordPress … DPN in Penzance said, ‘That’s fine, no worries, we can teach you that…’ Enter Sioban bringing the news that because the course is funded by Cornwall Council, DPN are … Continued