God’s To-Do List

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History of GardeningI’m a sucker for books, books full of delicious words. I particularly enjoy secondhand bookshops of which we have plenty in Penzance – well, charity shops, at any rate.

Today’s haul included Jenny Uglow’s A Little History of British Gardening. Given that the heading for Chapter One is ‘Did the Romans have Rakes’, I thought it might come in useful for my 5th century novel, Queen’s Daughter.

So far so good, but here’s the good part. Folded between two pages was a post-it note, a list with some items outstanding, others crossed out.

Dig in compost

Take out Hydrangea

Move Malvern Hills…


I could only draw one conclusion….this has to be God’s to-do list so please, if you live anywhere near the Malvern Hills, be alert, be warned, you could wake up one morning and find them gone…


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