Allison Gross

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The folk-rock band in Looking for Jonah (Black Rook Rising) was inspired by bands like Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span. Although the band decide not to do a version of Allison Gross, it is referred to and gives a taste of their inspiration – that said, band member Charlie Fish, having spent time in the States, introduces a Zydeco element to give Black Rook a distinct sound.


I will hunt out and post some Zydeco for you very soon but in the meantime, why not listen to Steeleye: they are still going strong although, like the fictional Black Rook Rising, their line-up has undergone changes…


On a personal note, Zydeco players often use a vest frottoir – a gizmo not dissimilar to the washboard I play sometimes for the Morris side and the Raffidy Dumitz band in Penzance. One of these days, maybe I’ll invest in the real thing!

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