Pimms – making maths sexy

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A glass of pimms at the Gurnard's Head near Zennor, West Cornwall


All I wanted was to learn how to use WordPress … DPN in Penzance said, ‘That’s fine, no worries, we can teach you that…’

Enter Sioban bringing the news that because the course is funded by Cornwall Council, DPN are required to embed maths.

Panic, la Benison’s heart sank to her toes, ‘I do words, not numbers…’ she cried, but then today we looked at ratios, specifically the ratio of Pimms to lemonade, and suddenly it all seemed just a tad less daunting.

Three parts lemonade to one part Pimms is a ratio of 3:1, brilliant – then another class member told a story of the party host who served three parts pimms to one of lemonade…

Now that, I have to say, is my kind of party…

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